The Castle Sophienburg


Castle "Sophienburg" in the "Baumberge"

Home of the Chieftain of Clan MacKay Germany

from  1985  -  2014

The Clan MacKay Germany presents the official German branch of the scotish Clan MacKay.
We are associated in friedship with the Clans of MacKay`s in Scotland, USA, Canada, Australia
and Newzeeland, and with all Clansmen and Clanswomen woldwide.



In the "Baumberge" with old fortifications, in the silence of deep Wood , on the hill ridge there lies the "Sophienburg".

The house built in 1668 was in earlier times the summerresidence of "Baron Freiherr von Twickel".


An inscription above the mainentrance says:


„Sophia to honour Clemens her husbund bougth this house“.






The residence of "Baron Freiherr von Twickel".




The castle was built in 1562