Articles of association




Clan MacKay Germany

Non-registered association for the promotion of international understanding between Germany and Scotland

for the purpose of historical research, education and the promotion of Scottish culture, history and traditions

and the sport, with the goal, especially fellow citizens to actively support and participate in cultural life.

Statutes § 1 Name, headquarters

(1) The association has named Clan MacKay Society Germany

(2) The association has its headquarters in 48727 Billerbeck



§ 2 The purpose of the association

(1) promotion of international understanding between Germany and Scotland for the purpose

the historical research, education and the promotion of Scottish culture,
History and Tradition and the sport, with the goal, especially for citizens
active support and participation in cultural life to win.

(2) The statutes aim will be achieved by

a) the promotion of international understanding between Germany and Scotland
b) the promotion of educational and cultural events
c) Scottish Traditions of the population to mediate
d) the promotion of sporting events
e) the integration of citizens to their social exclusion avoid.

§ 3 The principles of the association

The club is above party lines, as well as information about politically, ethnically and denominationally neutral.

His work does not relate to a sense of efficacy in certain political

party, but on social and cultural information in general

§ 4 Benefit to the public


(1) The association pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes within the meaning of section "tax purposes" of the general tax code.



(2) The association is working selflessly, he does not have its own economic purposes.


(3) Funds, which accrue to the club, are only for statutory purposes will. The members receive no profit shares and in their capacity as members also have no other donations from funds of the association. There must be no person by spending the purposes of the association are alien, or by disproportionately high remunerations.


§ 5 The tasks of the association

(1) In addition, the club following tasks:

a) the implementation of cultural events

b) the implementation of traditional dance events

c) the implementation of Scottish sporting events

d) the implementation of educational trips and educational events

e) the supply of members with club and event information.


§ 6 The acquisition and termination of the club membership

(1) Recording

a) A member of the association, any natural or legal person shall be and remain

to the objectives and purposes of the association responsible for permanent and regular

involved. Natural persons must be of age.

b) The inclusion in the club is documented in writing and is after payment the monthly

membership fee of 3,- € and handing a written recording statement effective.

The rejection of the application is not contestable. A recording claim is not right..

c) With the inclusion in the community association members are all general member rights.

d) The association may, by resolution of the Executive Board to appoint honorary members..

(2) Termination of membership

a) The membership lapses by death, resignation or expulsion.

b) The withdrawal is made by a written declaration of the member until
30th September of the year compared to the Board. He is then to 31 December

effectively the same year.

c) A member may also be excluded from the association, if it
maturity and a written reminder with the payment of contributions for longer than
3 months in arrears, against the provisions of this cor against
the interests of the club and against decisions and orders of
association repeatedly violates institutions, through his behavior and the community
club life materially disrupts or impedes.

d) About the exclusion decide, after hearing, the board of directors.

§ 7 The bodies of the association

(1) The organs of the association are

a) the general assembly
b) the board
c) the advice of clan


§ 8 The executive committee of the association and its composition

(1) The association is headed by the clanchief

(2) The board members include:

a) the Chairperson

b) the substitutes

c) the secretary

d) the treasurer


§ 9 The board

(1) The Board will be elected by the members of the duration of 4 years elected.

Reelection are accepterable. One board member, however, remains up for election

a successor at the next general assembly in office.

(2) If a board member prematurely drop out, so in the next general meeting is made a
new election
for the remaining term of office.

(3) The directors are liable only for the club and rough negligence.

(4) Board of management within the meaing of the § 26 BGB is the chairman, hist deputy,
the secretary and the

(5) The association is controlled by two directors within the meaning of § 26 BGB in community

represented one of which the chairman or his deputy must be.

(6) The executive led the club to fulfill the purpose necessary measures.
It prepares the meetings of the general assembly.

(7) The secretary has been informed of any meeting of the board and the general assembly
session minutes
and that the decisions recorded. The transcripts are from him and the
session or meeting chairman to sign.

(8) The treasurer manages the fund of the association, attracts contributions, leads proper
records of all receipts and expenditures. He takes all payments for
the club against his
ole acknowledgment in the reception. He allowed payments for association purposes
only after consultation with the chairman, in the case with prevention his deputy, afford,
unless it is ongoing liabilities.
Unneeded bank stocks are bearing interst.

(9) The board members have to givr the cash auditors the management information
and grant him in the correspondence as well as in books, documents, folders and
stocks to grant access.
a) the execution of specific tasks assigned to him by the general assembly be transferred


§ 10 The method in the board meetings and responsibilities of the board

(1) The Board shall take its decisions in meetings called by the chairman, in prevent
the case from his deputy in writing, stating the agenda
to be convened. The meetings
will be held by the chairman or his s
ubstitute headed.
The Board has a quorum if at least half its members
is. He shall take decisions by
simple majority vote. For tie
decided by the vote of the session leader.

(2) About the meeting of the board is a transcript records, which the meeting director and
secretary is to be signed.
The transcript is to announce at the next meeting of the board.

(3) Meetings of the board are in need and no later than 8 days before a assembly be
The board is mainly responsible about the following choices and decisioins:
a) the admission of new club members
b) the exclusion of club members, if they have not a charge of management or


otherwise, they transferred from the assembly office
c) the preliminary of matters, which will be presented the members for decision-making
d) the preliminary of examination from the financial statements and the preparation of the budget plan,
e) the appointment of honorary members, compensation default
f) the execution of specific tasks assigned to him by the general assembly be transferred
g) the insertion and removal of clan members
h) occupation and the establishment of committees for the implementation of special

or temporary club duties



§ 11 Authorizing the board

The executive committee of the association is authorized to issue up to the registration of the association
and non-recognition of the association with all the necessary changes or amendments to these statutes in
its own responsibility to decide and performed. The board may continue at its discretion, from its circle
with the implementation of these changes or additions to the subject.