The structure of the clan MacKay Society Germany




Our clan - slogan:

We are always brothers
in faith as in battle,
together we stand ready
in friendship for the whole thing,
we are united for all time
in loyalty and devotion.

Siggi Schierstedt-MacKay




The knighthood of the clan MacKay Germany Society   



Chieftain of the Clan MacKay Society Germany


The emblem of the clan knights:

The knight vow:

A knight praised the eternal bravery,
his heart knows only virtue,
his mouth speaks only the truth,
his courage breaks the evil,
his sword defend the helpless
his force supports the weak.




Sir Werner Disse,
Graf of Roit to Hoya
Laird of Glenmore






Sir Dieter Deckert
Clan MacLaren


1. clan piper:



+ Verstorben in 2015

in the clan:




Through an application for admission and the approval of one clan member,
anyone, who want to advance the nation between Germany and Scotland,
can be a member of clan MacKay.
The clan counsel decides over the admission.