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Hiking in the fantastic Highlands of Scotland.




Whether a hiker walk over lonely, intricately paths
wildly romantic, wooded glens with their roaring rivers,
who then extended into wide-spreaded lochs, with their small islands flow, or
by bicycle, car and caravan over narrow roads and mountains passes,
along a repeatedly changing natural landscape.
Past picturesque waterfalls and old bridges, that combines impassable terrain together.
On old, leaked, Celtic ways,
to the ancient oak grove with their Cairns and old, pictorial places
from time immemorial of the Skoten, before Scotland got its name.
With a view to the terrific cathedrals, small chapels by the wayside,
historic castles and chateaus of the clan chieftains and dukes,
with their interesting stories about power struggles and conquests.
At every turn you can learn the ancient Scottish history.


We help you to experience this wonderful country in all its diversity.
A Scotland outside the usual tourist routes.
An old Celtic and romantic Scotland full of magic and mystic.
Together with you we plan your individual Scotland tour.
And if you want, we accompany you on your tour,
whether alone or in a small group.
Whether by car, caravan, bicycle or by afoot.


For almost twenty years I have, in every season, hiking in this beautiful country.
The Highlands have become my "home".



Two proposal tours of many individual options:



8-day tour


by car or by caravan through the Highlands of Scotland.

Sightseeing of castles and national monuments.
Four-day hiking-trip, alternatively bike tours, to remote glens of the Highlands.
Individual overnight, that depends on the season,
in a tent, in caravan or in a locally B&B.




14-day tour


by car or by caravan through the Highlands of Scotland.

Including the island tours "Isle of Skye" and "Isle of Mull" with the Celtic is land of kings "Iona".
Sightseeing of castles and chateau
as well national monuments. A ride with the "Harry Potter steam engine“ ,
from Fort William to Mallaig. A trip to the „Tal der Geister“,
to the Celtic roots of Scotland when it was called "Dalriada".
Six-day hiking trips, alternatively bike tours, to the remote glens and to popular lochs of the Highlands.
Individual overnight that depends on the season, in a tent, in a caravan or in a locally B&B.


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