The Templar



- Non nobis, domine,non nobis, sed nomine, tuo da gloriam -



The Knighthood of Clan MacKay Templar

The Coat of Arms 




The Knight`s of Clan MacKay Templar Germany



The Knigths Codex 
Als Ritter gelobe ich die ewige Tapferkeit,
mein Herz kennt nur die Tugend,
mein Mund spricht nur die Wahrheit,
mein Mut zerschlägt die Bösen,
mein Schwert verteidigt die Hilflosen
meine Macht unterstützt die Schwachen.
Knight of Clan MacKay
gelobe dieses feierlich.



Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland,  near Edinburgh       



Near Edinburgh, Scotland, stands Rosslyn Chapel, one of the most ornately-carved 15th century medieval stone chapels in all of Europe.
In more recent times, Rosslyn has become more widely known, as the building and its history were featured in the movie, The Da Vinci Code. Although Rosslyn is officially known as the Collegiate Church of St. Matthew and is today an active Scottish Episcopal church, the chapel retains its special historic legacy for all to see and experience.
In my research, I describe and explain the symbolism of the exquisite medieval carvings in the chapel, from the Green Man to the famed Apprentice Pillar, and explain the key components of its history. Through the centuries, many have thought that there may be the Grail or some other treasure hidden there. But why is this small Scottish chapel so important today? Let us start with the known facts.






An extraordinary effort in its time, at the end of the late Middle Ages and the beginning of the Renaissance,
work on the chapel began in 1446 and was personally overseen by Sir William St. Clair, the third and last St. Clair Prince of Orkney.
According to an account written in 1700 by Father Richard Augustine Hay, Canon of St. Genevieve in Paris. Sir William inspected each of the hundreds of images in draft form in wood before giving it to the masons to carve in stone. Fr. Hay refers to various builders and masons as coming from "other regions" and "foreign kingdoms", with France as a good bet.
Although Rosslyn Chapel took nearly 40 years to build, contrary to popular belief, Sir William was not a Knight Templar nor a Freemason. Rosslyn was begun in 1446 -- much later than the dissolution of the Templar order (1312) and much earlier than the official beginnings of Freemasonry (1717), with the establishment of the Grand Lodge of England.
There is no documented historical evidence for a medieval Knights Templar connection with Rosslyn Chapel itself; further, the Templars did not build Rosslyn Chapel. However, not far away, at the nearby village of Temple, still stand the ruins of what was once the genuine headquarters of the Scottish Knights Templar, then called Balandtradoch. So the real Templar connection is not, in fact, at the site of Rosslyn Chapel, it is at the village of Temple, where the ruins of the Scottish preceptory can still be seen today.



Jacques De Molay , 18th March 1314.
Jacques De Molay, last Grand Master of the Holy Kinghts Templar.
At this dark day you died. The Inner Church you protected with great vigil and with discipline, as your predecessors had done before you, fell at the hands of those who were set to serve it , but betrayed it instead.
King Phillip, he that were called fair, because he did‘nt tax those who were taxable, but ruthlessly abused those who were poor, ordered you killed on account of the kinds of rumours that always circle around true servants of the Inner Church.
Many crawled and limped through years in prison as you did, when the torturers whose minds are not whole but are sheer evil and the reverbations of the laughter of the devil at last killed you, as they did him, they had let you suffer long and cruel.
I thank our good Lord that there is an end to such pain and infliction!
Also for you, whose conscience are weighed with lives.
So brother, I remember you weil, for those good things you added, and the good work you did in guarding untill the alotted time came, the noble tradition to which we both, by means of Spirit, belong to.
I do remember and I am thankfull.
Lord Our God In Heaven, Christ most blessed Testimony to His Glory.

I pray you to keep me as you kept Jacques De Molay.