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pictures and paintings

Impressions from the Highlands of Scotland


by the artist from Münster/Westphalia

Susan Stute

Member of the Clan MacKay Germany

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You can see more paintings by the artist here appraise: Susan Stute

Paintings by the artist are available for purchase.

Inquiries on Tel. 0251 524023

The vita of the artist

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The artist, Susanne Stute, was born at 8th November 1967 in Münster. In this city she has also spent her youth, where she also had her first contact and experiences with the painting. Today the artist still lives and works in this beautiful city with historical center. The talent and interest for the painting she had inherited of her father, with whom she always went to the art exhibitions. Earlier generations of this family were well-known church painter. Even as a child and later as a teenager, she likes working with watercolors and animals, landscapes, favorite pictures and painting portraits after photos.

The fascinaion of nature, its landscapes and its moods, also have motivated her in later years to bring these motifs on paper, silk or canvas. „The nature and especially trees and the water are very close to my heart. By human or animals are often the specific moods, die power or the silent, the joy or the touch, which cause me to paint a picture.“

Through her self-training and always experimenting with new techniques and materials, she has now developed her own style of painting. In 1986 she went with her first pictures in the public. Since 1993 she has created the first pictures in order painting. Including painting on the house, on room walls and on garage gates. One of her first highlights was the 1995 painting of circus wagons, as well as images plates for the circus Renz. She hat different style exhibitions at the Natural Healing on the Weseler Straße in Münster. Since 1998 she also has a permanent exhibition with silk painting and animal realm, as well as some small excursions into the abstract. In the recent years she has found particularly the beautiful scenery of Scotland. Through her extensive hiking in the Highlands of Scotland, she could collect numerous motifs, which are now served as the basis of her images. "The play of lights in the mountains, romantic castles on the hills and venerable ancient ruins, which speak of glorious time, fog over the hole, lonely located hovel, hidden streams, at any time of the day and in every corner of this country impressive  stroke, I have discover new moods, Legendary stimulated my fantasy."

Order painting


I am happy to paint your favorite photo or portrait. If you have a specific theme or motif that is on your mind, we certainly find a way to bring this on canvas. Depending on the wish as an acrylic painting or oil painting.

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