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The Highlands of Scotland 

Since my father was Scottish, I have lost many years ago during my first visit to Scotland my heart in this country and especially in the Highlands.

Since then I have each year in the Highlands, in all seasons, the green fragmented hills, the romantic picturesque valleys, crystalline lakes and quiet rivers like the Atlantic coast, with its beautiful islands and their secluded coves with sandy admirable beaches stroll and explored.

My heart beats when I dwell on my rambles through this so wonderfully unspoiled landscape

attestors on the old Scottish past like historic castles of clans, grandiose chateau of the Duke's and lord`s,

old settlements of the Picts, Celtic graves and ritual sites of the Druids or long been overgrown ruins of an ancient culture.

Glady I dwell on these so peaceful and energy-rich varieties in time of peace force for eternity to refuel.

Although I always remember the words:


Alba go`brath, - Scotland forever.

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