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The Sophienburg

The Sophienburg in the Baumberge of the Münsterland Residence of the Chieftain of the Clan MacKay Society Germany from 1985  -  2014

The tree-lined mountains, past old military defences, the tranquility of dense forests, the Sophienburg on the ridge.

The house, dating from 1668, was formerly the summer residence of Baron Freiherr von Twickel's family.

Encoded in a chronogram above the old entrance door:

"Sophia in honor of Clemens, the husband acquired the house."

The moated castle am  at the foot of the Baumberge, on the outskirts of Havixbeck with a direct view of the Sopienburg.

Wasserburg "House Havixbeck" the Baron Freiherr ofTwickel

The Sopienburg headquarters in the Baumberge

This typical Munsterland moated castle was originally a two-island complex.

Today the outer and main castle are on an island.

The focal point is the three-winged manor house with its octagonal stair tower.

The manor house with its three-staggered gable with the decorated shell attachments is on the right and left

flanked by side wings and outbuildings. It was built in two phases, 1562 and 1656.

The castle, built almost exclusively from Baumberger sandstone, has been in use since 1601

Property and residence of the Baron Freiherren of Twickel family.

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