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Homecoming 2009

Homecoming 2009

The Clan MacKay Germany is on July 24th with clan members in Edinburgh


the greatest clan monkey of all time.

The clan parade led from Holyrood Palace over the Royal Mile to Edinburgh Castle

On 16 June 2008, at Edinburgh Castle, the Right Honorable Alex Salmond, MSP, First Secretary of State for Scotland, unveiled plans for Scotlands first Homecoming year. Inspired by the 250th birthday of Scotlands national poet Robert

Burns, Homecoming Scotland 2009 wants to encourage Scots and all those who love Scotland to come and visit in 2009.
Homecoming Scotland 2009 is a Scottish Government initiative implemented by Scotlands national events agency, Event Scotland, in partnership with the countrys tourism authority, VisitScotland.

From Burns Night (25 January) to St. Andrews Day (30th November) 2009, a nationwide program of homecoming celebrations aims to celebrate some of the contributions Scotland has made to world culture: Burns itself, whiskey, golf, um just to name a few.

The first opportunity to experience the Scottish homecoming celebrations is Burns Night on 25th January 2009.
Following the wintry Burns celebrations, May marks National Scotch Whiskey Month, giving visitors a chance to explore the home of whisky.

During the 2009 summer season, visitors are welcome at a number of major international events.
The Gathering (25-26 July) is the largest gathering of Scottish clans ever held on Scottish soil. Their contribution to the history and culture of the world is celebrated.
The Highland Games are also held at Holyrood Park in Edinburgh, featuring some of the worlds best pipers, dancers and Highland athletes.
Also included in the celebrations are annual events such as the Edinburgh Military Tattoo (7-30 August) and the Open Golf Championship (16-18 July), which in 2009 returns to the cradle of golf.

A two-week cultural festival is planned throughout the highlands in the fall.
The finale of the homecoming year is expected to take place on November 30, 2009 (Andreas Day), with a big celebration and Scottish music by traditional heroes of folk music.

the gathering edinburgh 2009.jpg

The Gathering 2009 Edinburgh

The Scottish Council of Scottish Chiefs

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